Use drones for your business? What have you not thought about?

Use drones for your business? What have you not thought about?

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), or Drones as they are commonly known, are fast becoming the tool of the trade for many diverse businesses including media companies, photographers, surveyors, architects, builders, estate agents, land agents and farmers to name just a few.

Whilst the drone and camera equipment, which can cost a small fortune, can readily be insured, it is the Third Party Liability covers which have to meet stringent Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) requirements, which are more specialist, and commercial operators need to ensure that they seek professional advice and guidance from Insurance Brokers with the requisite knowledge and access to the approved insurance policies.

Rob James, UAS underwriter at Tokio Marine Kiln said, “Professional drones and their associated equipment can be expensive assets, so having them covered should be a key consideration for any professional operator.”

“The main exposure here, however, is the Liability risk; which can rapidly escalate when incidents and losses occur. This includes physical damage and loss, third party bodily injury and property damage, but also the less obvious liability arising from invasion of privacy and noise (amongst a host of other liability perils) and legal defence costs. Extending general liability policies simply won’t cater for all the elements of UAS exposure, especially in an age of regulatory scrutiny from civil aviation bodies.”

“Tailored and comprehensive cover, backed by professionals – brokers, underwriters and claims adjusters and legal teams who understand the complex landscape in which they operate – is more and more critical.”

The Civil Aviation Authority scrutinise each and every insurance policy arrangement before granting the required licence for commercial operators to fly unmanned aircraft and insist on the policy cover being far wider and more extensive than any standard liability policy would ever be, including third party liability risks for war and terrorism.

Ensuring that as a professional commercial operator, you seek the advice and guidance from professional brokers with an understanding of this marketplace and the requirements that you will have to meet, is critical to you obtaining your CAA operator licence.

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