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Travelling after Brexit October update

Are you planning on travelling in the Europe after the UK leaves the EU? We take a look at the requirements for a Green Card and International Driving Permit (IDP) here.


GAP Insurance – Do I need it?

With the new vehicle registration just a few weeks away, we take a look at the importance of GAP insurance. What is it, why do you need it and is it worth it?


Travelling after Brexit

What do I need to drive in the EU after Brexit? What is a green card? Do I need one? Find out the answers to all of your driving questions following our exit from the EU.


Keeping your home safe this summer

While the UK is enjoying some of the hottest weather we have seen for many years, remember not only to keep your home cool, but safe too. Read about different ways to keep your home cool and safe this summer.


Potholes – Britain’s nuisance

They’re a major contributor to axle and suspension failure, causing British motorists £2.8 billion every year and authorities £30 million in compensation


Use drones for your business? What have you not thought about?

Drones are fast becoming the tool of the trade for many diverse businesses including media companies, photographers, surveyors and architects to name just a few.


Why aren’t young people learning to drive?

Figures from the Department of Transport show a rapid decline in young drivers on our roads. So what’s putting them off?


A third of British skiers hit slopes without checking travel cover

Every year, thousands of British skiers take to the slopes with insurance that will not protect them. It’s easy to get covered, too. Read on to learn more.


Crash for cash

With a surge in fraudulent claims arising from a vehicle collision, here are some top tips to avoid the crash for cash cronies.


The pitfalls of travelling without holiday insurance

Is there much use to the EHIC? Is there much point in getting insurance? Here, we list some of the many pitfalls of travelling without adequate insurance.