Introducing Woodways!

We are proud to announce our exciting new scheme – Woodways Woodland Insurance, officially launching 1 July 2024! 

73% of the UK’s woodland resource is privately owned by individuals, family trusts, charity trusts or organisations. It’s estimated that there are about 40,000 private woodland owners who own greater than 5 hectares.1

What's covered?

The cover provided is public liability and legal expenses for woodland owners. Woodways Insurance aims to protect woodland owners against claims for negligence leading to damage or injury that may occur to third parties, or their property within a woodland.  

The cover is suitable for owners of woodlands but is competitive to allow for individuals and families who wish to ensure they are protected from claims against them. This is particularly important where you have public rights of way, bridleways, public highways and byways going through or running alongside your woodland(s).  

The policy covers up to 75 hectares in size – anywhere in the UK, for anyone who owns a woodland for their own private enjoyment.  

The scheme can, subject to referral, cater for certain risk features such as (but not limited to): water courses, mineshafts, disused quarries, and even forest school activities.  

Get in touch

We are so excited to see the scheme develop and evolve. Whilst the policy from the 1st July is for Public Liability and Legal Expenses, we do have plans to develop and grow the scheme in consultation with it’s members.

If you’re interested in knowing more, or you’d like to get a quote with us – contact our Woodways team on 0333 9966 220 or fill in the contact form below.


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