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Business Interruption

An update on the Business Interruption Test case issued by the Supreme Court on 15th January 2021.


Cyber security during Coronavirus

With millions of employees continuing to work from home, cyber criminals are increasingly aware of ways to penetrate business’ cyber security. Read through our blog to find out some steps you can take to protect yourself and your business from an ever increasing risk, and what insurance may be in place to help you should your business be subject to an attack.


Protecting your empty property at this time

Pubs, restaurants, hotels, salons, museums, cinemas, gyms, places of worship and all but essential retailers have all been forced to close their doors. Other businesses too have heeded the Government’s plea to work from home where possible and have moved their staff to home working. As a result, a large number of commercial premises have been rapidly mothballed because of the Covid-19 threat. We provide some guidance on how to manage and mitigate against any risk to your building or contents.


Top 5 tips: home workspace

As millions of employees are now globally working from home, it’s important to set up a dedicated home workspace which will keep you focused, comfortable and ready to work. Here are our top tips…


COVID-19 update

As a business, are you concerned or confused about the help available. Nigel provides an update on our view of the Coronavirus outbreak affecting businesses, and some of the plans in place to help you.


The Coronavirus and your Home or Motor insurance

As your local insurance broker we are keeping abreast of the fast moving and everchanging landscape in which we all find ourselves.

We have very many client’s who have had to move to working from home, or had to change their normal office commute to another office and all these things would normally be notifiable to your insurer and may affect your policy.

However, Insurers have come together and issued a joint agreement to accommodate the changing situations that individuals find themselves in.