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Keeping your employees safe keeps your business safe

There are thousands of injuries per year in the manufacturing industry. So, how do you keep your employees safe?


Travelling after Brexit October update

Are you planning on travelling in the Europe after the UK leaves the EU? We take a look at the requirements for a Green Card and International Driving Permit (IDP) here.


Why is the manufacturing sector particularly susceptible to cyber-attacks?

The manufacturing industry contributes £6.7 trillion to the global economy yet two-thirds of all UK manufacturing businesses don’t have cyber insurance.


Britain’s Industrial Decline – Getting Britain back to the forefront of manufacturing

Britain’s industry is fraught with uncertainty, underinvestment and a loss of credibility. This is how manufacturing in Britain can fight back.


GAP Insurance – Do I need it?

With the new vehicle registration just a few weeks away, we take a look at the importance of GAP insurance. What is it, why do you need it and is it worth it?


UK Economy Stagnating, Increased Insolvencies, Cashflow and Finance issues – Credit Insurance?

A blog from one of our providers about Trade Credit Insurance and how it can help your business. Credit insurance can significantly help your cash-flow. With the average debt of insolvent companies more than doubling, now may be the time to think about Credit Insurance.


What is Trade Credit Insurance?

We take a look at what Trade Credit is, how it can help your business stand out and how you can protect your business with Trade Credit Insurance.


Trade Credit – The key is information

Given the level of uncertainty across the globe, both politically and economically, we take a look at how Trade Credit Insurance can have a positive effect on your business’ cash-flow and how you can start to offer greater levels of credit to your customers.


Blueprints for success: starting your professional services business

The Professional Services industry is certainly a varied business landscape. Here’s how to get the best head start.


UK companies have a ‘distorted understanding’ of cyber-security risks, says survey

UK companies have a distorted perception of cybercrime and data breaches. If you were hacked, would you know it?