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Fire Safety Act

Since the Grenfell Tower tragedy in 2017, the suitability of existing fire safety legislation has been much debated and publicised. To improve the fire safety of buildings in England and Wales, the Fire Safety Bill was introduced by the Home Office and in April 2021 received Royal Accent, setting it on the path to becoming law.

The purpose of the new Fire Safety Act (FSA), which applies to virtually all premises and covers nearly every type of building structure and open space, is to simplify fire safety legislation and drive fire safety improvements for regulated premises where people live, stay or work. It will also help reduce the number of enforcing authorities that Companies have to deal with.

Business Interruption

An update on the Business Interruption Test case issued by the Supreme Court on 15th January 2021.

GAP Insurance – Do I need it?

With the new vehicle registration just a few weeks away, we take a look at the importance of GAP insurance. What is it, why do you need it and is it worth it?

GDPR Jargon Buster

Since the introduction of GDPR, your business will probably have endured a busy period. But are you confident your business is insured the way it should be?

Fiveways offers a new scheme tailored for electric vehicles

With the surge in the use of electric cars in recent years, Fiveways is proud to announce a new scheme dedicated to insurance for electric vehicles.

Lloyds cover holder status

We are delighted to announce that Fiveways has been granted prestigious coverholder status with the world’s leading insurance market, Lloyd’s of London. Find out what it means to you here.