Lloyds cover holder status

Lloyds cover holder status

We are delighted to announce that Fiveways Insurance Group has been granted prestigious coverholder status with the world’s leading insurance market – Lloyd’s of London.

We were recently granted the status along with delegated underwriting authority for ERS (formerly Equity Red Star) private car cover.

It means we now have the ability to utilise the delegated authority to underwrite ERS private car insurance products in-house – giving our clients access to competitive premiums for car insurance products that fit the delegated authority agreement.

Nigel West, our managing director of Fiveways, said: “This is fantastic news for us and our clients.

“We have worked with ERS successfully for the last 25 years and we are very proud to have been recognised as deserving of this authority and binding agreement.

“It means we can access a range of excellent private car insurance products for our clients and provide cover to a wider range of customers.”

“Having the ability to underwrite our own policies means we can tailor insurance specific to our client’s needs.”

Whilst for the majority of drivers motor insurance is a must-have to keep their car on the road for daily commuting purposes, Mr West highlighted that it can be much more than that.

He said: “For some, it’s a way of taking care of what stands at the heart of their passion or livelihood.

“We recognise that for these vehicle owners standard insurance isn’t enough, so working with ERS under this agreement means we can tailor insurance packages to meet the specific needs for most of our clients.

“It really is an honour to have been granted this facility. It not only highlights the trust ERS places in our company but also demonstrates the strength of our working relationship with the syndicate and our expertise in delivering excellent private car insurances to our clients.”

In addition to being a leading provider of car insurance, Fiveways, which was established more than 40 years ago, also works with several top UK insurance companies to provide a range of personal and commercial insurance cover.

As well as our office in Newport, we also have a second office in Stafford.

For further information on the services it provides, visit the website http://www.fivewaysinsurance.co.uk or contact the Newport branch on 01952 812380

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