Fiveways offers a new scheme tailored for electric vehicles

Fiveways offers a new scheme tailored for electric vehicles

There has been a large increase in the uptake of electric cars over the past 12 months or so, with them becoming more visible on our roads each day. Many owners have expressed difficulties with finding insurance for their electric vehicles.

In recognition of this, Fiveways has set up a new trading division offering insurance for electric vehicles. As one of only a handful of brokers in the country to offer a dedicated scheme, Fiveways is entering a niche market.

Greenways Insurance Consultants officially launched last month, operating from the Newport branch of Fiveways.

A new member of the team has been brought in to focus on the division and insurance for electric vehicles.

Daniel West, started with the company in July this year to set up and manage the Greenways division.

He said, “electric vehicles are becoming more the norm on our roads and more people are considering them as their next car purchase”.

“‘Range anxiety’ has long been a problem for electric vehicles, but with improvements every year, they are now a very real proposition on our roads”. Most people will travel in their cars for less than 50 miles per day, a distance which the vast majority of electric cars would comfortably manage.

The scheme has been set up to specialise in the insurance for this market. As they are still relatively new on our roads, insurance has been an issue in some cases for the owners. At Greenways, we recognise the special requirements for electric vehicles and we understand both that market and the insurance market.

The product on offer has been tailored for owners of electric vehicles and offers drivers using the vehicles as a second car an opportunity to use their existing No Claims Discount.

If you or anybody you know has an electric vehicle, then please give Greenways a call on 01952 822919 to arrange your insurance needs or visit the website at

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