Keeping your home safe this summer

Keeping your home safe this summer

The UK is currently experiencing some of the hottest and driest weather seen in recent years. Whilst many of us will welcome the hot weather, we Brits are not acclimatised to this prolonged period of sun and heat.

Most of our homes are not air conditioned so keeping them and us cool can be a tough task. Keeping cool is important for not only us, but our pets too. Ensure that plenty of water is available and if leaving your pets, then they have plenty of water for the duration of time that you are out.

Consider keeping them in a cooler, shaded room. Allow air in by leaving windows open or on a latch where possible.

Be careful about leaving windows open though, make sure you are not leaving your home vulnerable in this weather, particularly overnight or when you are at work.

During the day, keep your curtains closed to keep out any sunlight, this will help to stop your room heating up from the direct sun during the day.

Thieves are opportunistic and know that many of us may inadvertently leave windows open around the house when we leave.

Thieves may even take advantage of your windows being open in broad daylight whilst you are busy relaxing in the garden.

With children and adults playing outside more, we may consider leaving items outside that should usually be locked away. Bikes, paddling pools or BBQs that are usually kept safely in our sheds or garages will often be left lying around in the back garden. Be careful if you leave any of these items in view and accessible to potential thieves.

Some advice given by a UK Police force:

  • Keep your doors locked, and windows closed where possible on your home and your car
  • Keep keys and valuables out of sight and reach of windows
  • Keep windows on a latch
  • Lock any side gates
  • Put away any ladders so they can’t be used against your own property.
  • Consider fitting outdoor security lighting
  • Keep an eye out for your neighbours – you’d like them to do the same
  • If you see anything suspicious, raise the alarm by calling 101.

Remember, your home insurance may not pay out unless there is evidence of forcible and violent entry into your home should anything go missing.

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