Happy camping – do I need caravan insurance?

Happy camping – do I need caravan insurance?

Over recent years more and more Brits have opted to holiday in the UK over going abroad giving rise to the now familiar term ‘staycation’. It also seems to be a growing trend that Brits are opting for short three day vacations – making the most of long summer weekends away.

So with that in mind and the sun now beginning to shine (we hope!) it’s prime time to get the map out and start booking those summer trips. But, remember whether you’re planning to hit the road in a campervan or with a tourer caravan you need to make sure you have the right insurance in place before you set off.

Even if your car insurance covers you for towing, it won’t cover loss or damage to the caravan itself, and no matter how well you look after your caravan you can’t always allow for the actions of others, or indeed for our wonderful inclement British weather.

Specialist insurance is also essential if you store your caravan, whether on a registered storage site or at home on the driveway. Standard household insurance policies will not cover it against theft or damage so make sure you have the right policy in place.

Beware of cheaper policies

The old adage of “you get what you pay for” is no truer than in the world of caravan insurance. Cheaper policies often have strict security requirements leaving you uninsured if you do not fit the hitch lock and wheel clamps when you pop into the service station for a cup of coffee!

New for old

Does your caravan policy provide a replacement new caravan if your ‘old’ one is stolen or damaged beyond economic repair? Be sure to update the current replacement cost of your model each renewal to ensure full protection.

Discounts for club membership

Are you a member of the Caravan Club or Camping and Caravanning Club? If so we can offer a discount on your caravan insurance.

Security and protection

We get very attached to our ‘home on wheels’. Everything you can do to protect your investment is crucial. Having the right insurance is a key part to this protection but alarm systems, tracker units, CRiS registration, hitch locks, wheel clamps and storage security all help not only protect your pride and joy but may well reduce the cost of your insurance.

Caravan contents insurance

Your household insurance may well provide cover for personal effects away from the home, so such things as clothing, cameras, laptops and personal items may be covered in your caravan while you are away on holiday in the UK. Do make sure you check your home insurance for the extent of cover and whether it extends to provide that cover throughout Europe if you intend venturing further afield in your caravan. Items purchased specifically for your caravan, such as crockery, cutlery, TVs, bedding and the like will need to be covered under your caravan policy, as will an awning which may need to be specifically insured as a separate item.

Our staff can advise on the best policy for your tourer, campervan or static van so that you can hit the road with peace of mind to enjoy your holiday to the full.

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