Temporary car insurance for students

Temporary car insurance for students

Student Driver Insurance – short-term cover for students with a full driving licence

Insure yourself on your parents’ car without risking their No Claims Discount

With the summer break now upon us, you will be popping back home to see your parents and the first words you utter will be “mum, dad, can I borrow the car?”

After all, there are friends to catch up with, money to earn, summer nights out and events and festivals to attend. Trouble is the response you inevitably get is “sorry, you can’t, the insurance is just too expensive to put you on!”

Luckily, here at Fiveways Insurance, we have the perfect temporary car insurance policy specifically for you, designed for the student to have temporary cover as and when you require it.

This new facility is ideal for students and means you won’t be paying out for 12 months insurance when you don’t need it when you are back living away at university.

Aimed at students in higher education aged 18-27 with a full UK driving licence for when you come home for your holidays, our Student Driver Insurance offers fully comprehensive cover for 7, 14, 21 and 28 days on your parent’s or friend’s car without risking the owner’s No Claims Bonus. There’s also a 10% discount for learner customers who held 90 days cover or more!

Fiveways are delighted to offer a range of other young driver insurance products, so whether you are still learning to drive or newly-qualified, our staff will be able to find the most suitable policy for you. Look out for our other blog news articles on specific young driver insurance options.

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