Don’t even question travel insurance… it’s a necessity

Don’t even question travel insurance… it’s a necessity

Many people think that because they are healthy, they don’t need travel insurance.

But with the summer travel season in full swing, it’s important to make sure you have your holiday travel insurance in place for a whole variety of reasons.

If you have the right policy, it can cover you for everything from your flight being cancelled, a lost bag or a health emergency. In short, anything can happen to you while you are on holiday, just as it might at home, and you want to know you are protected.

And don’t wait until you are nearly ready to board the plane, buy insurance as soon as your holiday is booked.

What you need is a high coverage limit on medical expenses in case something serious does unfortunately happen. Obviously, we all hope not to have to use our cover but you want to know hospital bills are taken care of as well as any potential transportations, such as an Air Ambulance.

Make sure your insurance company will also cover the cost of your flight back home from the hospital. You also want to look for cover for lost, damaged or stolen items, cancellations to hotel bookings or transport, emergencies for which you might need to travel home quickly, personal accident coverage and financial protection if your travel company goes bust.

Also, make sure you know what isn’t covered in your policy. For example, if it doesn’t cover skiing, don’t ski.

People who have a pre-existing health condition sometimes find it harder to get travel insurance but this really needn’t be the case. Cover is available for most existing conditions, just make sure you speak to a specialist and disclose all your medical history.

Misrepresenting your existing medical state could invalidate your policy. Remember travel insurance doesn’t have to be expensive, but spending a bit will give you peace of mind for your travels.

Now relax and enjoy!

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